Light Sculptures


Stunning carved images backlit with LED lighting provide an eye-catching addition to any room, adding a touch of colour or vibarancy to create a mood or style which can be adjusted at the touch of a button. Click the image to see the whole range...

Silhouette Pictures


Beautiful silhouettes carved into veneered panels to give unique depth and texture to a range of images. Each image is carefully designed and hand finished to give a unique result perfect for your home. Click on the image to see the collection..

Corner Silhouettes


Unique and fun decorative items to dress up a door frame or a shelf or any number of different places around the house. Click on the image to see them all...

Dragon Light Sculpture

Product no.: LSD004

£295.00 *
In stock

Moonlight Peace

Product no.: PSDM001

£84.00 *
In stock


Product no.: CSM011

£13.00 *
In stock

Horse Walker

Product no.: CSHW004

£11.00 *
In stock

Dragonfly Light Sculpture

Product no.: LSDFLY005

£275.00 *
In stock

Dragon of the East

Product no.: PSDR002

£95.00 *
In stock

Cat Climbing Silhouette

Product no.: CSC001

£6.00 *
In stock

Cat Sitting Silhouette

Product no.: CSCL003

£6.00 *
In stock

Horse Light Sculpture

Product no.: LSH008

£247.00 *
In stock

Meerkat Manor

Product no.: PSM005

£84.00 *
In stock

Leopards Rest

Product no.: PSL003

£84.00 *
In stock

Cat Lying Silhouette

Product no.: CSCS002

£6.00 *
In stock
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